Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fark You.

This is my letter to the public.

Dear Ungrateful Wretches,
No. There is no quiet spot in this library. It is, if you haven't noticed, filled with people. And children. Because it's summertime, AND also tons of people (like YOURSELF) are unemployed and need free access to the internerds, and perhaps also air conditioning. When you mutter "This is the LOUDEST library I have EVER been in" under your breath after YELLING at does not make me want to be the least bit helpful toward you. And you might want to consider the fact that YOU YELLING does not help your volume issues.
No, I cannot make your computer work. No, I do not know why it isn't working. No, you cannot check your email on my computer. No, I do not know your hotmail password. No, I will not buy you that book from Amazon. No,I cannot put you on a computer RIGHT NOW because there are none available RIGHT NOW. No, this does not mean I have a personal vendetta against you. No, this does not mean I am racist. No, I did not purposefully hi-jack the computers so they wouldn't work when you got here. Believe me, my day is INFINITELY better when you can happily surf your Anime porn sites uninterrupted.

Yes, you can have a comment card.

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Whatever, I'm sure like most of you know this already...but GUESS WHAT?!

I? AM GOING TO ENGLAND IN....(counts on fingers)


Yessir! I'm going with this class through [Alma Mater] and it's a trip which focuses on Willy Shakes himself...we'll be doing the London thing, but also going to Oxford to stay in the dorms for 5 days and work with the FREAKING OXFORD SHAKESPEARE COMPANY.

It's pretty much like my Nerd Mecca.

Anyway, so this past Thursday I went with said class to go see a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival.

If you'd like my review? You may email me personally. But I have a No Discussion of Wheely Office Chairs policy on this particular blog.

ANYWAY. So. DrProfessorTeacher is introducing me around to the rest of the class before the show...see these are college students who get to meet regularly...I'm just the old lady who's auditing.

DrProfessorTeacher: [to young male student] This is Jesse. She'll be going on the trip with us, and hopefully this fall she'll be taking some theatre classes here.

YMStudent: Oh, cool! So, you're a freshman?



HE THOUGHT I WAS A FRESHMAN. I think I'm going to just start telling people I'm 18? And see how far I can get. Anyway, this boy is my new BESTIE FOR LIFE. Sorry BoyKing, you snooze you LOOZE.



Also, I called AT&T today to see about getting some international minutes/texts whatevs, since I'm going to be over there for 12 days.
Customer Service Rep actually says the following:

DumbBitch: England isn't on my drop down selection list. Is that part of the United Kingdom?

So naturally, I cannot trust a single bit of information she gave me.
In other news? I saw John Legend in concert last night? He is a very, very tasty man. Hottttttt. And an INCREDIBLE live show in case you were wondering. I love watching legitimately talented folks.

Who are also hot.

Hot with like 14 ttttttts.