Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That's Just Not Right


First of all, that dude who totally touched my boob here at the library? Was BACK today. He is, in fact, A CREEPER.

He totally walked up to the RefDesk and was like "Hello."

Me: Hello.

BobTheBoobGrabber: How are you?

Me: Fine.

BtBG: :::hovers:::

Then like walked away. BUT, continued to return to take a few pass-by strolls in front of the RefDesk and stare creepily.

Really dude?


OK, so what I MEANT to blog about was the insane dream I had last night.

So, in my dream, I am POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL.


In my POSSESSED STATE the DEVIL forces me to suffocate myself on my pillow.


Yeah. I freaking DIED in my dream. But I could still see out through my DEAD EYES. Like I could see everyone gathering around me and telling some little kid not to look at me because I was dead...I could SEE OUT MY DEAD EYES UNTIL THEY COVERED ME WITH A SHEET.


How freaking jacked up is that?!