Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Devil's Trickery

Ok, so you guys? Right now I am typing this from the PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Oh yes.

I am surfing the free wireless wave at a public library.

I have become what I most loathed...a PATRON.

So I'm all chillin' on gchat, chattin' up YPBM and he's all:

YBPM: I gave a lecture on Dinosaurs there once!

Me: No you did NOT!


Me: When? Please tell me it was like 8th grade or something.

YBPM:...I may have been wearing a Carolina Panthers uniform. So....7th? To a bunch of four year olds, so I had to slum...majorly.

(look at ole' dear YBPM slummin' it for the 4 year olds!)

YBPM: I thought I'd be lecturing to kids my own age. I mean who WOULDN'T want to hear my awesome lecture on Dinosaurs?

The more I imagine this, the more awesome it becomes. Like, I thought I was an uber dork nerd princess because I made my dad take me to a lecture by Robert Bakker when I was like...10. And here YBPM is like dumbing down his lectures for infants on paleontology. BTWs? When I told YBPM that I had met Robert Bakker, he completely freaked out with jealousy.


It's the little things people.

Also, I've added his DinoLecturing to the Pile of Random Amazing Bits That Make YBPM The Shiz.

In this pile already are the following:

1. That he has on more than one occasion referred to himself as a ninja
2. His incredible Saucy Tim 17th Century Fop voice.
3. Wolverine Hands/Tiny Ears
4. Unusual level of gun knowledge
5. That the thing we both dread most about dealing with children is that children lead to soggy Cheerios. Which are gross.

On this week's episode of Acting Class With the String Bean Who Juggles Balloons Filled With Sand:

So, BoyKing and I actually did NOT stand next to each other during our acting class warm up, and a fellow student actually said "That's funny. I thought if they separated, they died."

I was unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Probably cry right?

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