Monday, February 1, 2010

Mmmm....Grapefruit Juice

....and VODKA.

At 6pm. On a Monday. Alone in my house.

I think that, if nothing else, strongly indicates that I am in fact an actress. Monday Drunk Blogging. OMG YOU GUYS. Maybe I should like start a tradition. Like every Monday, I'll have a cocktail on an empty stomach and blog the hell outta some happenings.

I'll make a note.

This week on Adventures in Acting Class With an Overgrown 8 Year Old Who Has No Control of His Own Limbs and Wears Ugly T-Shirts:

So, on this particular day BoyKing is all "JESSE YOU ARE MY PARTNER" and literally like informs the entire population of this fact, so that no one can...I don't know...steal me.

So, we're partners. The activity this class involves having to ask your partner provocative questions.

Cue me ruing the day I ever was BoyKing's partner. I can basically hear the gears churning in his mind like they've never churned before.

Ok, so I'm not even going to tell you guys the shit he asked me ok? But let's just say I actually had TEARS WELLING IN MY EYES at one point. But, payback is in fact a huge bitch, and when we had to demonstrate for the class I asked him:

Me: Are you embarrassed to be wearing my pants?

It was AWESOME. Because you guys? He was in fact TOTALLY WEARING MY PANTS.

How does BoyKing have your pants you ask? Well, they're these athletic pants that I lent him like last spring and he just kept them because he abuses people he loves. So BoyKing turned like totally pink and the whole class laughed at him.

It was a proud moment for me. I mean, in all honesty, it's all in good fun and he could probably like gut a bunny rabbit in front of me and I'd be all "you sweet thing you!" and I could probably like kick him in the nuts 14 times consecutively and he'd say "thank you SO much, I really appreciate all you do for me." However...our acting teacher pronounced:

"You two do NOT play well together." I'm thinking it's possibly the end of our partnership in acting class.

Things That Were Awesome Which Happened This Weekend:

So InternWitch had a birthday gathering at her house on Saturday which involved playing HOURS worth of Catchphrase, which is completely my new favorite game.

It does however become powerfully evident how huge of a dork I am, as like, many of my clues involved connecting things to Shakespeare, and when I got "Beowulf" for my word, rather than being all "GRENDEL" I was like "oh, this is an amazing piece that has incredible layering of Christianity and Norse mythology." Also, YBPM got "Malcolm X" and literally says "Oh! Martin Luther King except Evil."



Then he all tries to recover with "No! No, I totally only meant 'but more violent.'"

Sorry dude, but there is virtually NO WAY you are ever recovering from/living down that statement.

It was pretty much awesome.

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