Friday, February 12, 2010


You guys should know, that currently we have like 4 inches of snow in Atlanta.

For reals? That's a big deal.

Also, someone came up with the tag of HOTHlanta, which I love and adore and plan on making my very own.

Most importantly however, it's totally mine and BoyKing's TWO YEAR FRIENDIVERSARY.

Ok. I won't lie to you, I don't know the exact date, but it's right around this time.

And since BoyKing and myself have been secretly in total hate with each other of late, I wanted to take this opportunity to wax poetic on the super amazing wonderful friend that he is. Because for reals, seeing each other in class twice a week, and then like all day is hard. I mean, I reminded him how he should be supremely grateful for such a privilege as MY COMPANY and how we used to wish we lived in each other's pockets...

That's weird, kinda.

Anyway-he actually totally pulled an EdwardCullen on me yesterday and was like,

BoyKing: Our friendship is like heroin...

Me: Um.

BoyKing: start using heroin right? And like you only use it once and while and it's like super awesome.

Me: I think...

BoyKing: And then like, you start using it like more and stuff...and it's like sometimes good? But like sometimes not? And then you can like overdose and stuff?

Me: I'm not comfortable with this metaphor.

BoyKing: But then like, you get into the habit and it's fine.

Me: Are you using heroin?

BoyKing: No.

Me: This is awkward.

BoyKing: For real.

Me: We should probably hug it out.

As a side note? BoyKing finally had headshots done right? I took him, or rather Deronte the Civic of Style took him with my assistance. Naturally he needed like supreme amounts of help finding something acceptable to wear, so I picked out two shirts for him. So the photog is all "Whoever suggested you wear this blue shirt was spot on because it just makes your blue eyes POP!"

:::points at self and jumps up and down:::


Anyway, he calls me when they're up on the computer to see...and I....started crying.

I was all "Oh! My ManChild grew up so FAST *sniff*."

ANYWAY. For your reading pleasure:

A Haiku in Honor of BoyKing
Mostly you smell nice,
You're the tallest guy I know,
Your weird thumbs are cool.


  1. You do know that anyone who reads this and doesn't know you will think you are completely insane. But I think you might like it that way!
    Miss you cuz!!!

  2. Dude. I am not the one making bizarre heroin metaphors okaaaay?